Fortnite Dev Epic Games has purchased an abandoned mall to change to its next headquarters

Epic Games purchased the entire mall with plans to turn unused locations into new headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. In a press release, Epic Games announced that it had purchased 980,000 square feet and 87 acres of Cary Town Center Mall. By 2024 it will be the new Epic Games campus. This includes plans to create both office buildings and recreational spaces for long-term use.

Development of the new headquarters will begin later this year, during which time Epic Games will remain at Cary’s current Crossroad Boulevard location, which has been the home of Epic Games for over 20 years.“We are very proud that Epic has chosen to call Cary home for its new global headquarters, and its perception of Cary’s existing assets and the endless region for growing business. I am very grateful for the possibilities, “said the statement.

Epic has more than 50 offices worldwide and operates local and global aspects of its business. However, Cary’s headquarters still serve as the company’s business hub.Unused malls are, in fact, a popular target for companies looking to create new office spaces and headquarters. Companies like Google and WeWork have converted abandoned malls across the country for office use. So if you live in Cary and wonder what happened to the mall in its old town, it’s owned by Epic.

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Matt TM Kim is an reporter.


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