Fortnite fans force Kratos to dance in Season 5

Even after being restarted, the tone of God of War as a series is harsh, serious, and gloomy. FortniteHappy atmosphere. There was no doubt that Kratos’ appearance in the battle royale game was interesting, but now that fans have had the opportunity to wear a god-killing twin ax, everyone underestimates how interesting this crossover really is. It is clear that I was evaluating it.

Like this video uploaded by, the hilarious electronic tunes ring in the background, so there’s nothing ready to see Kratos’ feet in the air. Twitter user Musubi_Azeyma..David Jaffe, God of War franchise creator, is very cheerful Joke on social media What he was happy about FortniteVersion of Kratos is from the 2018 reboot, not the first iteration of the Greek alphabet.

But it’s not surprising that Sony was trying to make this cameo a reality.Beyond building future hype God of War Introducing Kratos, a follow-up to PlayStation 5 scheduled for 2021 Fortnite Follow the long history of muscular anger machines that pop up in stupid video game situations. Do you remember when Kratos went to golf?

Still, we cannot exaggerate how much fun it is to see Kratos perform differently. Fortnite Emote.To Fortnite, As you can see in the video below, Kratos is a pop star, not a strict dad. Some players say they buy Kratos skins and especially watch him do dental floss and Renegade. Others, on the other hand, have no choice but to joking about how embarrassing this crossover is.

And now we are waiting for the inevitable dance battle between Kratos and the Master Chief. The Master Chief is reportedly coming to Epic’s gigantic shooter.Now we are free to use the power of K-pop Fortnite, This world clash is better than the time everyone forced Thanos to Orange Justice.

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