Fortnite Galactus event confirmed in early December

The infamous Marvel Big Bad, Galactus, will arrive at Fortnite thanks to the Chapter 2: Season 4 crossover event in December.

Large planet-eating villains will finally see a one-off Nexus War Finale live event with kick-offs set. December 1, 2020, Pacific Standard Time 1:00 pm / Eastern Standard Time 4:00 pm / Greenwich Mean Time 9:00 pm.

Galactus arrives as part of a series of up-to-date Marvel x Fortnite Crossover in progress throughout Fortnite Season 4: Chapter 2.

The developer Epic Games doesn’t share much information, but I’ve explained a bit about how to prepare for the event.

“Galactus is approaching the island and all real destiny is in balance,” says the developer. interesting.

It has not yet been decided whether Galactus will destroy the map (similar to last year’s black hole event) or simply trigger some major changes to the space, similar to the floods in Chapter 2, Season 2.

As always at these events, Epic will log everything in action into Fortnite at least 60 minutes before the event starts and actually publish the event playlist itself 30 minutes before the above time. It is recommended to do.

official Fortnite And Marvel Twitter accounts have shared folklore elements related to the existence of Galactus in the world of Fortnite. You can read more about Fortnite at the link: Chapter 2, Season 4 Comic Teaser.

Don’t expect this to end the Fortnitex Marvel content in-game. As Eurogamer discovered, Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard outlined the future of the game in a recent podcast, suggesting that Marvel’s crossover will impact the coming months and years.

“We called this season Nexus War because it’s just the beginning of many things we’ve planned for years of Marvel integration,” Mustard explained in an official Marvel Podcast appearance this week.

“This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. I thought of a really good POV style character that could set this up. [earlier this year] It was a deadpool, a kind of destruction of the fourth wall. And the caps for July, piled up until this moment … “

And there are still more. Listen sooner and see the future foundations of the game laid at this upcoming event.

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Fortnite Galactus event confirmed for early December

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