Fortnite gets new “performance mode” for low-end computers

Fortnite It’s already on almost every platform you can imagine (except iOS).But just because the computer can run Fortnite Does not mean to run the game Good.. Fortunately, Epic Games is trying to fix this with a new feature called Performance Mode. This should help run a computer that meets the game’s minimum specifications. Fortnite A little better.

Performance mode prioritizes frame rate and stability at the expense of visual quality. According to Epic, this mode also significantly reduces the stress on your computer’s CPU and GPU, which makes your work a little smoother. Low-end players will be given the option to enter performance mode the first time they launch the game after launching the mode.

In addition to performance mode, Epic adds another quality of life feature by allowing players to opt out of downloads. FortniteHigh resolution texture.Players can disable textures via the epic launcher Fortnite Displaying the options page can save about 14GB of storage space on most computers.

Performance mode will be live at Fortnite It will be available on December 15th and will be available to all players. However, high-spec computers and players with newer, more powerful hardware probably shouldn’t switch to this mode.

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