Fortnite has a fifth Batman skin, but this is a darker knight

Next Batman x Fortnite The crossover event was unveiled on October 26th with new skinpacks and answers to Fortnite’s big lore questions. The Batman Who Laughs will be the next Fortnite DC skin, and anyone who buys a crossover comic will be able to use it for free. Former Harley Quinn skin, Will be available for purchase in-game.

Prior to the DC FanDome event later today Epic revealed details Of the new crossover coming later this month. A new Batman skin will be released, centered on the Batman / Fortnite standalone comic “Foundation” that will appear on October 26th. This is the fifth skin Fortnite has ever seen, but it’s based on a mysterious one. “The Batman Who Laughs”.

The Batman Who Laughs is a Joker Fid Batman from the Dark Dimension introduced by writer Scott Snyder in 2017 and contributes to Fortnite Comics.The villain has appeared in DC Universe Online It’s recent, but other than that, it hasn’t appeared much outside of comics.

The title of the comic mentions The Foundation, another mysterious character that was finally sealed by Zero Point. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 – Of course, this was the focus of the last Batman / Fortnite comic.In Trailer for this season, The Foundation was revealed to be alive somewhere and underwater. That “somewhere” is now revealed as the port of Gotham City.

Batman / Fortnite: Foundation # 1 Buy the comic and you’ll get the following items:

  • Laughing Batman
  • Robin perch back bling
  • Dark Days loading screen

These can be purchased at the Fortnite Shop with Dark Multiverse Pickaxes and Glider for around 1500 V backAlthough the loading screen is obviously for comics only. There is also a trailer spoken by everyone’s favorite Batman Kevin Conroy:

The Batman Who Laughs is certainly a properly creepy character Part of Fortnitemares Halloween event, for now. He will arrive in-game with the release of the comic on October 26th.

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