Fortnite has an open world RPG spin-off with rumors of development claims

What’s happening with this image? (Photo: Twitter)

Latest rumors Fortnite isn’t a new skin or weapon, it’s a whole new way of playing, just like Battle Royale itself.

The name Fortnite is now synonymous with Battle Royale mode, but it’s not the way things started. Originally the focus was on Save the World mode, but Battle Royale later appeared as a spin-off.

Obviously, Battle Royale is now the most popular aspect of the game, but rumors say that Epic Games is planning a new mode alongside the two existing creative modes.

Rumor has it that this is a kind of open-world game with role-playing elements, some of which are speculative, but there is also solid evidence from the Epic vs. Apple proceedings.

The lawsuit has many secrets that revealed that Epic wanted to keep secrets (including the fact that the Epic Game Store isn’t expected to make a profit until 2027), an open world simulation. Contains a reference to them working on Fortnite’s Sandbox Mode. “

This was in May, at which point the game code began to show references that could be related to open world modes, such as creating camps and spawn points.

It could have been anything, but it’s still up to the interpretation of what it represents, but some images of the protagonist have been found that don’t seem to be from Battle Royale mode.

Dataminer iFireMonkey I found the above image in the update of the mysterious “Saturn_Test” file. In this file, Johnny, Fishstick, Pealey, and Caddle team leaders (yes, everyone has a name) have a variety of weapons. Neither is a gun.

That aspect of the rumor is pure speculation, which derives from the idea that open world mode is some sort of action role player.

What is certain is that while Epic is developing some open world mode, it has repeatedly stated that it wants to extend Fortnite as well as Battle Royale.

They did it at the already hugely successful Ariana Grande concert this month, but there’s growing evidence that they also want to expand their current lineup of game modes-even if they don’t create their own spin-offs.

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Fortnite has an open world RPG spin-off in development claim new rumours

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