Fortnite: How to complete a Nindo challenge

The Nindo 2022 event is divided into four paths, each with a different character theme. You have the Weasel Road, the Gaara Road, the Hinata Road, and the Orochimaru Road. Each path has different challenges, including:

  • Weasel Road: Finish a total of 5 matches in the Top 6 (Squad Battle Royale and Squad Zero Build Game Modes only)
  • Gaara Road: Survive 24 Storm Circles (Solo, Duo, Trio Zero Build Game Mode Only)
  • Hinata Road: Catch 20 fish (Battle Royale and Solo, Duo, Trio, Squad Zero Build game modes only)
  • Orochimaru Road: Eliminate 18 players (solo, duo, trio battle royale game mode only)

After completing the test, you will earn a badge for each of the challenges. Players can get a total of 10 badges per pass. In other words, to complete Itachi’s pass, players must complete 50 matches in the top six positions. To get all 10 Orochimaru badges, you need to eliminate 180 opponents. These are fairly expensive orders, but not impossible. To be honest, your best bet is to tackle as many challenges as you can during every match you play.

The first badge you get on each pass also unlocks certain emojis. Specifically, weasel emoji shocked by Itachi’s pass, Gaara’s emoji focused on Gaara’s pass, white-eyed Hinata’s emoji on Hinata’s pass, and Orochimaru’s smile emoji on Orochimaru’s pass. increase. On the other hand, for every 5 badges earned in one pass, 20,000 XP will be added to the player. Therefore, earning 5 badges on each pass will add 80,000 XP to your pocket.

As you can imagine, the best rewards are saved to the end. For example, a player who gets 10 badges in one pass can get a dawn lap. A truly enthusiastic gamer who collects all 40 badges will receive the event’s highest award, the Manda Glider. Please be aware that it will take a long time to get there.

The Nindo 2022 event will end on July 7th at 11:59 pm EST. So get there and complete the challenge as soon as possible. Manda does not intend to summon herself.

Fortnite: How to complete a Nindo challenge

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