Fortnite: How to ignite a player (easy way)

An easy way to ignite other players in Fortnite is to use Firefly Jars. To get these flaming grenades, players need to collect wild fireflies.

Fortnite Offers an infinite amount of challenges and quests to complete. One of the goals that may be imposed on a player is to ignite an enemy player. In the past, players could use Dragon’s Breath Shotgun or Sniper, an exotic variation of standard weapons available from Blaze, to ignite other players. However, of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, Players need to take advantage of flammable ammunition from the natural environment — fireflies.

Fireflies, added to the game in June 2020, are a wild and collectable resource. Players can approach the creature and hold down the interaction button to collect it in the firefly jar. Firefly vases can be used as explosives that can be thrown to ignite players and nearby combustibles (such as wooden structures).Previously Chapter 2, Players were able to find abundant fireflies in the Weeping Forest and the scenic landmarks north of the Corny Complex.However, due to changes Update Fortnite Chapter 3, Players have to search different places.

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An easy way to light a player Fortnite By running a team rumble game mode that is in the “By Epic” category. Head southwest of Corney Crossroads to the snow-covered woodlands while playing in this more casual Battle Royale. Here, players can find many fireflies to catch the firefly jar’s flame grenades. Collect the required number and throw it at the player to ignite it, or throw it at a structure and gradually burn it out.

Strategies for igniting enemies with Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Using Firefly Ignite Player

Throw a firefly jar unless the enemy player is completely stationary or moving in one direction. It may be a little difficult Fortnite.. Even if the player is able to throw an accurate throw, the opponent may jump / avoid out of the way or build a wall for protection. Players need to equip firefly vases and hide behind trees or in bushes to prepare to attack and counter such reactions. Remember to choose a location where the player’s current skin and clothing are in harmony with the environment.

When an unnoticed opponent approaches, the player has a great opportunity to throw a firefly jar at the enemy, set it on fire, and damage it in the process.When the enemy player fires, keep throwing the remaining bottles to change direction or use the equipped one Primary or secondary weapon Fortnite To finish them.

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