Fortnite: How to Investigate Weeping Forest Anomalies

If you’re following all the anomaly challenges throughout Fortnite Season 6, you should have unlocked Agent Jones’ four alternative styles. Probably the last time of the whole season. To do this, we need to investigate anomalies in the weeping forest. Here’s what you need to know to complete Agent Jones’ wardrobe:

Investigate anomalies in the weeping forest

Of course, you’ll want to stop by Weeping Woods first. You must be at least Tier 76 to participate in this challenge. So you know the Fortnite map as if it were your neighborhood, but in case you forget it, Weeping Woods is a campground and forestry area southwest of The Spire. Center.

After landing, head to the Mini Spire, which is exactly where we can see on the map above. At the ground level:

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As you approach, an anomalies will appear and begin to move up the small spire. Stay right behind it, as you did in the previous Anomaly Challenge. Once again quite tolerant, you won’t lose running up the monolith. When it reaches the summit, it goes outdoors and has a short prosperity. You might think you need to use the launch pad here, but don’t. It throws you the wrong way.

Instead, watch it freeze in the air and wait for you to grab it. Build with two ramp pieces and press the interaction button to complete the challenge.

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Completing that unlocks the Agent Jones (Jump 88) style. This decorates our clumsy hero with a cool new cloak. This is the last anomaly, but if you miss it before that, get it covered. The remaining anomaly challenges for Season 6 are:

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