Fortnite is following Facebook playbooks

FortniteThe new game mode isn’t particularly new, but its very existence lies in Epic Games’ Silicon Valley-sized ambitions.

This mode is called The Spy Within and it’s not difficult to see similarities. Among us, COVID-19 A two-year-old game that was a huge success in 2020 thanks to the pandemic.

FortniteSuccess is based on adopting popular or promising ideas and improving them.Battle Royale mode, which is now the core of the game, originally looked very similar. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Its developer, Bluehole (now called PUBG Studio), tried to sue Epic about this concept. However, Bluehole did not have an exclusive claim to Mode.

The founders of tech companies are admired and demythologized for using these tactics. Steve Jobs didn’t make the first smartphone. He just made the first thing people wanted to buy. Mark Zuckerberg also did not invent social media. He created a site that helped the concept ignite.

Image: Epic Games

And like modern tech companies, epics Continue It absorbs popular trends and helps the product evolve over and over again.

Immediately after EA released a battle royale rival Apex Legend 2019, Epic updated Fortnite Include similar ping and respawn systems, It’s a little refreshing. The move is that Facebook is cribbling stories from Instagram (the platform it currently owns), Instagram’s story feature itself mimics Snapchat, and Apple has Android style on the iPhone home screen. It’s reminiscent of throwing an iPhone widget.

Like the Silicon Valley beast, Fortnite With large teams, pools of resources, and one of the largest player bases on the market, you can quickly and smoothly get features and modes from other games.

It’s all about time

This year, Epic has succeeded in applying this strategy beyond the game.

Like Facebook buys WhatsApp and Instagram Fortnite I want to be the underlying place to find everything you love. But due to its range and scale, you don’t have to get everything. Brands will come to Epic, eager to be involved in this phenomenon. Whether it’s Batman skin or Marvel skin Mandalorian And Baby Yoda, John Wick, Sony, or Microsoft, all your favorite characters live Fortnite now.

In its June 2019 revenue report, Netflix famously states that it’s not as competitive as other streaming services. Netflix felt it was a time race, not a subscription. So the competition was social media and games. Or more specifically: Fortnite..

In less than a year, this assumption proved to be correct. Fortnite Since then, it has hosted movie screenings, proceeding trailers, and one of the most lucrative single concerts in history. FortniteIt’s not about to be the first game that comes to mind when you want to play something. Like other great tech companies, we now want to completely monopolize your time. Fortnite is platform. With constantly updated tools, players can create their games as they please.

Fortnite God of War Kratos Artwork

Image: Epic Games

As anyone with a TI-83 calculator knows, players can use any platform to clone and play games they already like.This new spy mode also has content created by Fortnite user.

No, I didn’t steal the epic Among us.. However, it incorporates the idea of ​​a hidden ID game and informs the player that it can be part of it. Fortnite Too. Why download other games when you and your friends are already part of a game that logs in every day and talks to each other?

Fortnite It used to be cool. It’s now more powerful than cool. It’s everywhere. It’s no longer the latest trend to jump, it’s where all the other trends live. It’s not hard to know where Epic is going to take the game from here. Central hub. Metaverse. All iPhones are implied, just as a friend tells you to ride Facetime, send a message, or ride the app. Fortnite We aim to be equally central.

And in some respects Fortnite It’s already there.If you and your friends wanted to see Travis Scott’s concert in 2020, the fact that it was Fortnite was Implicitly. After all, it was the only place to see it.

Before Facebook became what it is today, it was a megalithic socio-cultural giant who owned half of the apps people around the world use every day, but this is the new version of this. Fortnite.. In 2013, Facebook was the place to find videos, memes and music. Facebook did it all, knowing that your friends were watching right next to you.Now that space is more and more Fortnite instead.

Don’t be surprised Fortnite Follow the Facebook instructions.

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