Fortnite Kratos is not the Kratos we know and love

The news that Kratos is joining Fortnite may have passed us, but at least if I go my own way, I can’t avoid seeing Kratos dancing like a fool. ..

Fortnite’s Kratos … is a strange combination. But it’s okay. Crossover events always occur. However, when you watch the video above, you’ll notice that the large Nip of Kratos is hidden from view. This is most likely to protect angelic 10 year olds. Play Fortnite completely without saying bad words and always be polite to others. You have to protect your children, right?

And … well, I argue that the next one in the video above is worse than the nipples of a man like God. Kratos begins to throw all sorts of shapes, and he seems absolutely regrettable. His expression never changes. If you pause the video and watch it closely (perhaps zoom in on the x3840), you can actually see the pain in his eyes. He didn’t want this. He didn’t ask for this. He has no control over his movements. He never did, but at least in his home series God of War, he accepted his destiny – sometimes a little too happy, but happiness is better than sad.

I feel Kratos, I really do. This mythical warrior, who killed gods, killed innocents, changed his destiny, loved women, and raised his son, is now back to square. When you start yelling “BOY!”, You have no legs to stand up. In the sequel to God of War PS5. The boy takes out his smartphone, plays this clip, and asks him to be called the nagaya man.

Poor Kratos.

Source: YouTube

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Kratos in Fortnite is Not the Kratos We Know and Love

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