Fortnite launches £ 10 / month subscription offer in December •

Update: Star Wars crossover characters leak.

Update 3:30 pm UK: In an active effort to announce Fortnite’s new monthly subscription offer, Epic Games seems to have inadvertently unveiled Star Wars’ key crossover characters set for next month’s game.

image Show off the skins for next season’s Battle Pass A reliable leak source, but includes the front and center of certain popular characters Shiina This doesn’t mean that the next season of the game will be focused on Star Wars, as was the case with the current Marvel season. Instead, this character is the equivalent of Aquaman a few seasons ago. Battle Pass guests are full of original characters.

Original Story 3:10 pm UK: Epic Games has confirmed that it will introduce a subscription model to Fortnite from December.

A subscription named Fortnite Crew costs £ 9.99 a month here in the UK and $ 11.99 a month in the US. It will be released on December 2nd with the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 5 of the game.

Last month, some Fortnite fans voted on potential subscription models. The final deployment is similar to what was proposed at the time in terms of offering.

Fortnite Crew’s monthly subscription includes access to the game’s Battle Pass (usually £ 7.99 every three months), exclusive cosmetic packs, and a 1000 V-Bucks (£ 6.49 / $ 8) scholarship. I will.

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Epic says that the cosmetics available in the subscription will never be sold or made available elsewhere, just as they are already available in the game’s Battle Pass.

Approximately £ 10 a month isn’t cheap-it’s more than a Netflix or Disney + subscription-and 1000V-Bucks isn’t too far when it comes to Fortnite bulges, and often great cosmetic wardrobes. Still, if the exclusive cosmetic packs offered are attractive enough, it’s easy to see how some people take the plunge, especially when the new season’s Battle Pass arrives.

Limited cosmetic items for December include Galaxy, which looks like a mashup of Bright Bomber and Galaxy Tieskin, and associated pickaxes and back bling. It’s here:

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