Fortnite leak tips on changing the Mandalorian map

Fortnite, Epic Games’ hit free battle royale, was a very interesting year in 2020. From the vast map of the game almost completely covered in water to the addition of fans’ favorite Marvel POIs during the Marvel-themed season. And with Fortnite’s latest season bounty hunter theme, fans were greeted with even more changes to the game’s map.

Bounty hunter themes are much more common than things like the whole season based on Marvel’s properties, but Epic Games, of course, how to add the Mandalorian to keep bringing crossovers to the game in the latest season. I found. When the Mandalorian came to Fortnite with his deadly Amban sniper rifle, he brought his crashed Razor Crest Gunship as a POI on the map, which may see some changes in the future. Maybe.

On Twitter, Fortnite leaker InTheShadeYT posted that players may be able to see changes in the POI of the Razor Crest crash site later in Chapter 2, Season 5, but Fortnite’s POI is throughout the course. This is certainly not news, as it has changed. Of the past seasons, this could be one of the biggest changes the map has made since the game started its latest season.

This information comes from Twitter’s Fortnite leaker, but this particular leak wasn’t data mined, as Epic Games employees reportedly published this information during a live stream. It is currently unknown whether it was intentionally published. The Epic Games concept artist is believed to be the person who revealed this information. Currently, it’s unclear if the changes to the Razor Crest crash site are simply superficial or include more complex ones like the Vesker Armor Quest. So far, the most popular theory seems to be that the crashed gunship is repaired, as is the case with the Mandalorians over and over again.

On Twitter, InTheShadeYT states that other potential changes to the game’s maps have been data mined, despite reports that this particular rumor came directly from Epic Games employees. In addition, the leaker states that Mandalorians currently have both placeholder Pickaxe and placeholder Back Bling in the game’s files, and that more content from Star Wars or Mandalorians will appear in the future. It may be suggestive.

With Season 5 Week 5 just beginning, Fortnite keeps players busy with the completion of weekly challenges and more. But for now, it will be clear over time whether these rumored changes to the Razor Crest POI will bear fruit in the New Year.

Fortnite is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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