Fortnite offers V-Bucks for iOS and Mac players locked out of updates

Epic offers V-Bucks bonuses for Fortnite players on iOS and Mac platforms. This could be an incentive to keep players inaccessible to Fortnite updates due to Epic’s ongoing proceedings with Apple and Google.

The mechanism is as follows. For iOS players, Epic offers a V-Bucks bonus equal to the amount of unused V-Bucks purchased from the App Store. For Mac players, Epic also offers a V-Bucks bonus equal to the amount of unused V-Bucks purchased from Epic. The bonus will hit your account by November 9th.

Chapter 2-Since the release of Season 4 on August 27, players on Apple devices will no longer have access to new Fortnite patches and content. Players on iOS devices can only play with other iOS device users in the 13.40 version of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

Epic has been involved with Apple and Google in a dispute over App Store pricing. The developers of battle royale bypassed the App Store by allowing players to buy V-Bucks directly from Epic. Apple and Google receive a 30% commission on every transaction on the App Store and get nothing when they buy directly from Epic.

Needless to say, neither tech company liked this situation. Apple and Google have removed Fortnite from the App Store and have been involved in a long proceeding with Epic. You can read GameSpot’s complete introduction to what’s happening at Epic’s Fortnite Ban and the legal battle with Apple / Google.

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