Fortnite PC player is getting a new performance mode

Fortnite has provided significant performance and visual improvements for early PS5 and Xbox Series X adopters, but Epic Games wants to share its love with PC gamers as well. The studio behind Battle Royale is adding a performance mode on December 15th.

“We’re launching a new performance mode on all PCs that meet Fortnite’s minimum specifications,” read a post on the official Epic Games website. “The performance modes available in the Alpha version can be selected from the in-game settings menu, which trades off visual quality to reduce memory usage and significantly improve performance by offloading CPU and GPU. I will let you. “

According to Epic Games, this new mode should help PC players enjoy a smoother frame rate, even when running games at the lowest possible settings.

Players will need to opt in to features in the game’s settings menu starting December 15th. Epic also advised players to opt out of using high-resolution textures in the Fortnite PC Settings Options. menu.

Epic Games has begun offering in-game rewards to players who have their friends play Fortnite with them. The “Restart Friends” program is similar to any other referral program, and the more matches you bring back with an expired player, the more rewards you will receive. Perhaps they’ll want to come and see how the game has changed-there are characters like Kratos, The Walking Dead’s Michonne, and Battle Royale’s Master Chief.

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