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Video games are demanding more and more resources from PCs and occupying more hard drive space than ever before. It’s great to see developers take the time to address these issues, saving space and giving players the option to run the game more efficiently. Fortnite is the latest game with the introduction of Fortnite Performance Mode, which allows players to earn valuable frames per second and save some of their valuable space on their hard drive.

Performance mode

What exactly is performance mode? Fortnite’s performance mode, now available in alpha on PC, is an opt-in option aimed at significantly improving performance by reducing some of the visual quality. Performance mode is designed to offload both CPU and GPU. For those who are already running the game on low settings, or on less powerful hardware, this will allow them to run Fortnitebetter more than ever.

Performance mode is currently in alpha only and is only available in both Battle Royale mode and Creative mode. The user will be prompted to try performance mode. However, you can also manually turn it on and off in the in-game settings of the Video menu.[レンダリングモード]Scroll down to and you’ll see it there. It should be noted that Save the World will not be available while Performance Mode is enabled. To access it again, you need to turn off performance mode and restart the game.

Performance mode is intended to provide improvements to all users who opt in. However, there are certain hardware requirements that can help provide an overall smooth experience. Having 6GB of RAM or installing the game on an SSD will help reduce the amount of stutters and hitches you may have noticed before.

Some examples of the current way the game runs on low-end PCs before and after enabling performance mode will increase the number of frames per second by about 20-40, depending on the system. This is an important improvement and should make the game feel smoother for many players.

Space saving

Another advantage of Fortnite Performance Mode is that users can opt out of high resolution textures in the game. You can access it from Epic Games Launcher by selecting Fortnite in the library and clicking the three dots next to the launch options. Go to Options and you’ll see the option to uncheck high resolution textures. Overall, this saves about 14GB of space. It saves a lot of space, but I think you agree.

Whether you enjoy the game or not, it’s great to see Fortnite improved and supported in terms of both content and game performance, even if you’ve been out for years. This kind of support has made it one of the most successful titles in recent years. Fortnite Performance Mode is currently opt-in, so if you’re looking for a smoother gaming experience, we encourage you to dig deeper.

Fortnite Performance Mode Explained

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