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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 A lot of new changes have come along with it. From the introduction of Bigfoot to the various Star Wars characters, this is definitely a season to remember. However, one of the biggest changes in Season 5 is the removal of the upgrade bench. please do not worry. This doesn’t mean that the weapon upgrade mechanism is gone, it’s just a slight change in functionality.This guide will show you how to upgrade your weapon Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

How to upgrade your weapon with Fortnite Season 5

Instead of going to the bench, you need to interact with NPCs to upgrade your weapons Fortnite. However, there are pitfalls. Not all NPCs can actually upgrade their weapons. To increase your equipment’s capabilities, you need to know which NPCs can upgrade their weapons and which NPCs can’t.

Once you’ve found an NPC that can upgrade your weapons, you need to know which weapons you can upgrade. If you have an upgradeable weapon, you can make it more powerful with the help of NPCs. However, instead of using upgrade materials for upgrades, in Chapter 2, Season 5, you will have to redeem for gold for NPC services.

Gold can be earned by playing the game as usual, completing prizes offered by other NPCs, or opening a chest and finding gold in the hidden gold stash throughout the map.

Depending on the rarity of the weapon you are upgrading, the upgrade will cost more gold. In turn, they go:

  • Common (gray) to uncommon (green) – 25 gold
  • Rare (blue) rare – 50 gold
  • Rare to Epic (Purple) – 145 Gold
  • Epic to Legendary (Orange) – 345 Gold

Upgrades will make these legendary weapons easily available. Obviously, you can find them by chance from the chests on the map, but you can be sure to get them by upgrading.

You can upgrade most weapons Fortnite By finding the right NPC and spending money. Keep in mind that special weapons such as the Mandalorian Gun introduced this new season cannot be upgraded. Now that you can upgrade your guns more easily, you no longer have to complain about having a better gun when you die!

Fortnite Season 5 | How to Upgrade Weapons

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