Fortnite Season 5 playable skins include God of War Kratos

As if Fortnite Not busy, the PlayStation God of War franchise Kratos joins the game as a playable skin.

PlayStation official Twitter creation Pretty ham hand bullying This crossover at 2pm on Wednesday Fortnite Following the social media Maven Hypex, there are some images showing the placement of Kratos in the game.

“The next man you’re picking up has literally defeated multiple gods with his bare hands in an uncontrollable bout of anger,” said Agent Jones. Fortnite The traditional character trying to restore reality is said in the teaser. It does a little narrow.

FortniteSeason 5, Chapter 2 begins at midnight, and its “zero point” theme means you can do almost anything. Galactus, who devours the world of the Marvel Universe, was caught up in the set on Tuesday, plunging everything into space-time turmoil and launching a big crossover parousa.

The Mandalorian and his trusted buddy Baby Yoda (real name: Grogu) are already there. There is also a sensory plate of flapjack with buttered cowboy hat. So, yeah, everything this makes Kratos’s visit to any plane of existence is pretty tame by comparison. Skillfully played, Fortnite Chief Continuity Officer, no matter who you are.

Kratos Fortnite The form is based on his bearded one God of War (2018) Appearance, but still recognizable Kratos, with unique warpaint and deadly thin skin. Kratos may return sometime in 2021 on the PlayStation 5 with a sequel set to Norse mythology again.

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