Fortnite Spider-Man skin revealed as Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass trailer leak

The trailer for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Battle Pass was leaked, revealing new characters, new islands, and more, including the long-awaited Spider-Man skin. The trailer presented in Polish was accidentally published on Fortnite’s official channel, making fun of some of the things players can expect in the new chapter. Think of this as a spoiler warning..

The addition of Spider-Man was always supposed to be a matter of time, given the close relationship between Epic and Marvel. Recently, Leak officials said Web Slinger would appear as early as next season. After all, they were right. Spider-Man is not only part of the Battle Pass for Chapter 3, Season 1, but also part of his legitimate New York comes to the island in the form of the Daily Bugle.

Reconstructed physics that allow the character to reveal the effects of the weather, a clear biome across the seemingly huge new map, a sliding mechanic, and the tree to actually collapse instead of disappearing when chopped. You can also see hints on new features of the game, such as physics. For a complete translation of the trailer’s Polish narration, pequleaks..

The island you know has turned over!

Welcome to Chapter 3. Here you’ll find a whole new place to experience Fortnite and a previously unknown way. Beyond Battle Royale and start earning Battle Pass XP. Play as you like, level up, and unlock Battle Pass costumes, including Spider-Man!

We are waiting for new features to be discovered. Move faster on the map and avoid enemies with the new sliding mechanism. And you and your team can even set up a camp to heal yourself and store items between matches. In addition, new weapons and items have been added to Fortnite to earn Victory Royale and the prestigious Victory Crown. Keep winning.

In addition to these features, the island is completely new. Explore Sanctuaries, Seven Hidden Houses, Spider-Man Neighborhood-Daily Bugle and more. Remember that anything can happen due to new weather conditions. Also, check out Chapter 3 Battle Pass for Season 1. Here you will find Spider-Man, the Foundation, and other visitors.

What are you waiting for? Jump to Chapter 3 and explore a brand new island. It is unknown what will be found there.

This is a big leak, but it could be just the tip of the Fortnite Chapter 3 iceberg. Join us throughout the weekend as we will cover the finale of Chapter 2 and the final debut of Chapter 3.

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