Fortnite’s Leaks and Tees suggest key Xbox and PlayStation characters in the game (updated: Kratos confirmed)

The illustrations in the article titled iFortnite / i Leaks And Teases suggest that major Xbox and PlayStation characters will appear in the game (updated: Kratos confirmed).

image: Sony

Update (December 3, 2020, Eastern Standard Time 4:11 pm): Fortnite have Official announcement Kratos. God of War Items are now available on all platforms.. Our original story is as follows.

Kratos and Master Chief Fortnite Immediately based on recent tweets and leaks suggesting major new crossovers for Epic Games’ massive battle royale games.

Speculation started yesterday Image of Kratos Fortnite skin Launched a round through many Twitter accounts focused on Fortnite It leaks.Later that day, the PlayStation Twitter account teased the arrival of the god of war through one of the “real logs.” Fortnite It is used to suggest future additions to the game. “The next man you’re picking up has literally defeated multiple gods with bare hands in an uncontrollable bout of anger,” by Troy Baker sent to recruit warriors from various alternative realities. Says John Jones, a Fortnite character who was called out.

Now fans are wondering if the Master Chief can also be one of those recruits. image of Hello As a spaceship Fortnite Skins first appeared in 4Chan (according to data miner Mang0e) and Fortnite Twitter also leaks. UNSC Pelican Gunship Cosmetics Surfaced.. However, at this time, there is no official bullying from. Fortnite Or an Xbox Twitter account.

Fortnite Season 5 Started yesterday After a live in-game event on Tuesday night, more than 15 million players played against Marvel’s Galactus.The result of the confrontation is gone FortniteThe universe is more destroyed than usual and other big media properties are ready to appear in the game.The first of these Star Wars“The Mandalorian, Epic Games is making fun of some more substitute reality rookie through Jones’ transmission.Breakfast food??

While Kratos is coming Fortnite It looks like a solid bet at this point — God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog I hinted at it— Evidence that a Master Chief will be added is less important.Of course, if Sony is on board ForniteIt makes sense that Microsoft, the latest brand crossover event for Microsoft, wants it as well. Maybe even Nintendo?

Collaboration like this is nothing new. Fortnite.. For the past few years, Epic Games’ Battle Royale has been at the forefront of pushing console makers to enable cross-play and cross-progression between rival hardware. Master Chief Kratos and his beloved Nintendo character facing death in the same game could be the logical conclusion of that push.

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