Fortnite’s Marvel Galactus event sets new simultaneous player record

Not a big surprise, Fortnite’s latest Marvel event was a huge success in terms of player activity and viewership. According to numbers released by developer Epic Games, about 15.3 million people logged in to the game at the same time to see the world-consuming galactus descending on Fortnite.

According to Epic, this is a new record for simultaneous players. For comparison, Travis Scott’s concert in Fortnite reached 12.3 million simultaneous players.

Outside of games, Epic added that more than 3.4 million people were watching the event unfold on YouTube and Twitch.

The Galactus event lays the groundwork for Season 5 but you can’t play anymore until Season 5 begins overnight. This is because Fortnite has gone offline and can no longer be played. When you launch the game, you will see a countdown to the new season. The only option is to exit.

For more information on Galactus events, check out a summary of how everything in GameSpot went down.

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