Fortnite’s new limited-time mode is very similar to Among Us

Epic Games is a little worried after Fortnite’s new addition.

Fortnite I found that luck to adapt the core tenants of another popular game. The title was an ambiguous survival, wave-based zombie game before Epic Games saw PUBG’s fast-growing success and inserted a free version of the same idea into the game. As they say, the rest is history.

Epic seems to have jumped into another popular game fad and adapted it again. This time, Fortnite adds a game mode that looks like a surprise hit.

In a blog post, Epic Games has released a new limited-time mode, The Spy Within. This is a hidden identity game take, but it serves a very similar function, especially among us.

The match within the spy begins with 10 players (8 agents and 2 spies). Spies are spreading uncertainty and trying to kill other players. Agents are trying to identify spies before eliminating the crew, trying to achieve their goals and collect gold coins.

Players cannot talk to each other unless they participate in a meeting that they can call when they think something suspicious is happening. The spy wins by killing all the players, or the agent wins by voting for both spies or achieving their goals.

So yeah. It builds on core rules similar to Among Us (yesterday, I happened to add a Nintendo Switch version).

Spy Within is currently live and changes every few days. In that case, it features a variation of the modes created by community members DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blankey, jstKamui, MackJack, Ritual, and Snownymous.

By playing the game mode, players can also earn Christmas-themed rewards from gliders and give away weapons and music raps.

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Fortnite’s new limited time mode plays a lot like Among Us

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