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There was criticism that this Fortnite season was over-promoted by Marvel, the game’s first crossover Battle Pass had too many crossovers, and there were too few Fortnite underneath. But after tonight’s season finale fireworks, and as all the Marvel influences in the game seemed unobtrusive, Epic left the game on a giant Cliffhanger, undoubtedly in Fortnite’s own internal story. I moved.

Let’s summarize. Throughout the season, Marvel’s planet Gobler, Galactus, is more than ever drawn to the temptation of delicious snacks at Fortnite’s powerful zero points. (This is from a shiny orb that lived under the Loot Lake on the old map and seems to be hiding under this new map as well.)

Last time, Fortnite’s server capacity reached 12 million. Therefore, it was recommended to launch one hour early tonight.

Tonight’s live event, which seems technically well underway, brought Galactus into the world of Fortnite with a script sequence featuring cameos with the voices of Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine. You’re the star of the show, given a jetpack by Tony Stark, and curled up in an explosive-equipped combat bus. plan? Drive with galactus. Do not miss it.

So, while Iron Man was equipped in the background, he used a bus to shoot down missiles, and after Nudge from Thor drove along the huge surface of Galactus, he followed a series of elaborate on-rail sequences. -Clear Riff of Death Star Trench Run-Until you are in place. So it said goodbye to Iron Man (“Did we have some laughs ?!”), as Galactus exploded, and all the traces of the universe were easily distorted and went home. I could see it, so I said goodbye to all Marvel.


After cutting it to black … well, you’re back in the familiar office owned by the familiar John Jones. The area that breaks this fourth wall, previously visited at the last big live event of the game, looks like a whole different world. Appropriate employee offices are trying to keep Battle Royale residents in a looped reality. Last time, Jones seemed to be in control of the situation-until at least one character seemed to escape the simulation forever. This time? Jones was lying on his back and cold, and the surroundings were panic stations.

And that was really the end-some huge questions were opened for what came next. What will the reality be next season? What happened to the island after Galactus removed the zero point? Is the Fortnite simulation still running?

Fortnite is currently only the second period of extended downtime, but shorter than last year’s two-day black hole. The game will return to UK time tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, Fortnite fans often chew. The zero point of this new map is public and has been under the agency all the time. Iron Man was the first area seen at the game’s 2018 Butterfly Live event and seemed to distort the galactus in it. And since all these Shenanigans are happening, is John Jones surely fired? or not?

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Take a complete look at tonight’s event below.

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