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Toronto Raptors (Photo by Kim Clement-Pool / Getty Images)

The Toronto Raptors’ longest title rule ended in October. It’s time to get back on track. There are four questions that need to be addressed here.

The· Toronto Raptors Last season was a lot of fun. Many predicted that it would collapse with departure and instead ended with the highest winning percentage in franchise history. They consistently exceed expectations and seem to be training many tough defenders to ruin the enemy’s day. When you think it’s time to count them, they’re a club team. Nick Nurse was this year’s coach for a reason. He was a perfect witch.

But after something in the off-season, they face more questions than expected from the outside. Some of what brought them to the dominant record last season aren’t exactly the same this year.

Their top two centers have moved to two Los Angeles teams. Some of the crimes that carried them during the regular season seemed to disappear to some extent during the postseason and made them want.

Therefore, I will stick to the four burning questions that may come to define the Toronto Raptors from this season onwards. Factors beyond their control have raised even more questions about their future. They probably have the best coach / front office combination in the league, so they should be able to understand anything that gets in their way. That said, concerns begin here.

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Four burning questions as they enter the season Four burning questions as they enter the season

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