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New Delhi: Following an increase in the number of returnees in the UK and the results that their contacts are positive for Covid, the Delhi government will address four private hospitals to those who wish to move to pay facilities. Requested the establishment of an isolation ward. Isolation facilities will be set up at Max Sackett, Batra Hospital, Fortis Basant Kungji and Sagangalam Hospital.

On Friday, the number of UK returnees and their contacts who tested positive for Covid increased to 42. All of them are currently admitted to the special isolation ward of Rokunayak Hospital.

District authorities are tracking the contacts of all those who have recently tested positive, and all of them have been tested. The number may increase further. “A sample of all positives was sent for genomic sequencing to see if they were infected with a new variant of the coronavirus that spreads in the UK or the local coronavirus,” officials said. I did.

The entire family of newcomers who tested positive was quarantined.

In an order issued on 30 December, the Director of Health Services of the Government of Delhi said the private sector for international passengers who have traveled or passed the UK in the last four weeks (25 November to 24 December). Ordered the establishment of a facility isolation facility. Tested positive on a payment basis.

A new variant of the SARSCoV 2 virus has been estimated by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention to be more contagious and affect younger populations. This variant is defined by a set of 17 changes or mutations.

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