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FPI: FPI has invested Rs 13,424 in the Indian market so far in June.

New Delhi: Foreign investors have boosted net 13,424 rupees so far in June as risk-on-sentiment improved due to lower Covid-19 cases and hopes for early opening. Economy..The stored data showed that Foreign portfolio investor (((FPI) From June 1st to 11th, we invested Rs 15,520 in stocks.

Himanshu Srivastava, Associate Director of Research Manager, said: , Lucifer India..

At the same time, FPI withdrew Rs 2,096 from the debt segment during the period.

The total net inflow was 13,424 rupees.

This follows a net withdrawal of Rs 2,666 in May and Rs 9,435 in April.

For June inflows, VK Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist

Added that from fourth-quarter corporate statistics, the cyclical recovery of the Indian economy appears to be imminent after the ongoing gradual unlocking.

FPI The activity was centered around the IT, financial and energy sectors, “said S Langanasan, Head of Research at LKP Securities.

Overall, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index fell 0.91 percent this week, said Shri Kant Chohan, executive vice president of equity technical research at Kotaku Securities.

To give an overview of other emerging markets, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines have so far received $ 188 million, $ 140 million, $ 138 million and $ 125 million in FPI inflows, respectively. Said it was seen. On the contrary, Taiwan has seen a $ 829 million FPI outflow so far.

According to Chouhan, India is at the top of the path to a resurgence of growth, so the FPI trend could remain strong in the medium term.

Interestingly, low interest rates, a better export outlook, and a revival of the global economy are a good combination for India’s economic revival, he said.

He added that vaccinations will increase in the future, with a continued decline in Covid cases, accelerated personal consumption, a healthy monsoon season, and normalization of the overall situation.

FPI: FPI has invested Rs 13,424 in the Indian market so far in June. FPI: FPI has invested Rs 13,424 in the Indian market so far in June.

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