FPS boosts for Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76: Great performance

While dominated and impressed with the first wave of Microsoft’s FPS Boost title, our thoughts on the Prey and Dishonored Definitive Edition duo developed by Arkane were probably even more inspiring. We will continue to look at the titles of Bethesda Games Studio running on the Creation Engine, but this time it’s a bit mixed. Skyrim lands exactly where we expected and works beautifully overall, but the Fallout title is a bit more puzzling. There’s a big gap between each graphics feature, but even if the Xbox One X targets native 4K, both Xbox Series S and X consoles run these titles at 1080p, 60 frames per second. Achieve.

The Fallout title was somewhat controversial at the time, but at least it was great to return to Skyrim. In this case, it’s nice to see that there is a true 4K60 and the user mod experience previously tested with Digital Foundry is fully official with FPS Boost, but these use two different techniques to achieve this goal. It is worth emphasizing to achieve. The mod basically removes the 30 fps framerate cap and disables v-sync to allow Skyrim to take advantage of the additional horsepower of the Series S and X consoles (backcompat allows v-sync to take advantage of it). It will be turned on again).

The end result is that it locks the Series S 60fps very tightly at 1080p resolution, whether using FPS Boost or mod, but the Series X runs in native 4K and looks great. Or the full resolution alpha effect is working. Overall, it’s 60 fps on both, adding an extra layer of gloss to what remains a good RPG. Yes, the visuals are out of date, but the gameplay is golden. And of course, PlayStation 5 users can now access the same experience through their mods.

Tom Morgan and Rich Leadbetter compare notes about the Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 experiences running on Xbox Series X and Series S consoles via FPS Boost.

With Fallout titles, the situation is a bit more complicated. Since Fallout 4, Microsoft seems to have opted to push both Series X and S to the Xbox One S codepath. That is, the game runs in native 1080p and the frame rate cap has been removed. Keep in mind that the game originally ran at dynamic 1080p on the Xbox One S and went up to 4K on the One X. The end result is a comfortable experience that guarantees a consistent 60fps for most of the play.

Only classic bottleneck points, such as the Corvega Factory, cause problems, with a poor performance on the Series X and a more noticeable drop on the Series S. Overall, the ride is smooth overall, but I have to think about the series. X should do more. Ultimately, patching with something like the 1800p option instead of 2160p mode seems like a good route to move forward.

However, if you want the best of Both Worlds (4K and 60 fps), there is another option. Turning off FPS Boost will, of course, bring you back to 4K30, but it’s much more consistent to play than the games running on the Xbox One X. In the next step, the “720p60” user mod will provide the unlocked frame rate required for Series X as follows: Push to 4K (search in the mods section of the game, activate and restart the game).And that’s what you see why Microsoft has chosen consistency-while offering this high resolution, the frame rate is not locked at 60fps. Corvega throttle points pull you down to your 40s, and there are far more in the general way of instability. Still, it’s a significant improvement over the Xbox Series X stock experience. Please be careful. Many may like it. All of this leads to Fallout 76 with a multiplayer focus. Here, the setup when running FPS Boost is similar to Fallout 4. This time the Series X 1080p60 output is completely locked, but the Series S has a slight variation from the target frame rate. This isn’t perfect, but it’s a significantly improved way to play the game. However, using this feature will result in a loss of Series X resolution.

Some time ago, I tested a user mod for running Skyrim and Fallout 4 on a series console at 60fps. This is our report.

Curiously, using FPS Boost while maintaining 4K in fallout games running on the Xbox Series X has a way forward, but it can be called a loophole, and Microsoft will patch it someday. I’m hoping to hit.Basically, load one of the Fallout games with FPS Boost Invalid, Load another title, use FPS Boost again in the fallout game you were playing, and then return to action via quick resume. This basically gives you the benefits of unlocking FPS Boost at 60fps while maintaining One X resolution. It’s a trick, it works, but through this you can understand why Microsoft called for it to drop to 1080p for their solution. Simply put, 60fps is not guaranteed to play this way.

In summary, FPS Boost gives you exactly what you need with Skyrim. When this feature is turned off, the difference between day and night is greater than expected. You just can’t go back. Even in Fallout games, FPS Boost works as expected. This is especially true for Xbox Series S owners. It maintains the same resolution and performance is locked at almost 60 frames per second. Fallout games can be CPU-limited, GPU-limited, and even storage-limited at any given time. The improvements provided by next-generation hardware are amazing. However, in Series X you will need to make a selection-4K Or 60 fps, FPS boost on Or off.The overall boost is still impressive-the game is much more fluid in gameplay-but not at this time Pretty The killer feature we wanted.

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