France and China are reportedly developing biologically designed Super Soldiers

Both China and France are said to be developing biologically enhanced super soldiers that can be “raised to kill.” The perceptual and psychological abilities of the people selected for this project. ” In addition, “position tracking or connection with weapons systems and other soldiers” is possible.

The ministry’s study also discusses drugs to awaken soldiers longer and the possibility of surgery to improve their hearing. These extended soldiers, called “homorobocops,” may have “modified DNA to improve speed and strength, as well as robotics.”

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Michael Clark, a visiting professor of war research at King’s College London, told Sun how this process is similar to “farmers use DNA as they do in herds of cattle.”

“We are now able to manipulate people’s DNA to breed special strengths, endurance, and more, just as we do with animals,” Clark said. I am. “You can now do it very accurately with humans, just as you did more with a standard cow.”

As for China, members of the PLA are “undering science fiction-style human testing to create” biologically enhanced “supersoldiers.”Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe discussed this in an editorial in The Wall Street Journal, stating that it was part of China’s plans to take over “the planet economically, militaryly and technically.”

According to the Sun, some of the specific technologies we are working on are brain microchips, bionic eyes, super hearings, health implants, enhanced limbs, exoskeleton legs, synthetic blood, and pain immunity.

Hope this push to super soldiers doesn’t lead us on the path to destruction like the alien civilizations that destroyed themselves through progress.

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