Franchise Hockey Manager 6 sells for $ 2 until December 1st

Franchise Hockey Manager 6 is currently available on the official website and Steam for $ 2 until December 1st. Here are some of the features of the game:

  • New rival system!Rival matches have a special meaning for success and change over time depending on the in-game results
  • Fans are important! Supporters’ happiness is tracked and changes according to in-game events and actions, affecting attendance, work safety, owner satisfaction and more!
  • Change history!Change the structure and evolution of historic leagues and teams
  • Real historic staff! Play against legendary coaches, general managers and owners, or take their place in a new “Play as” mode that gives you real GM identities (and abilities).
  • New exhibition mode!Let teams of all ages fight each other and open up endless possibilities for competition
  • Improved team management screen-Lock players to specific lines!
  • Improved player modeling!Suspending ice or ice incidents, stats-tuned talent ratings, and personality ratings that evolve in response to game events
  • Accurate 2019 Opening Night rosters, teams, leagues!
  • New team report!Lots of out-of-the-box new information such as lead and position rankings, team power rankings, single game best and worst performances, global team ranking system and more
  • 25 new historical challenges! Various scenarios for testing your skills.
  • Extend your heritage! Carry over the save data of FHM5 to FHM6
  • New leagues and tournaments: Germany, Switzerland, England’s second division, and the Spengler Cup!

If you missed a review of Franchise Hockey Manager 6, you can read it here. It’s easy for $ 2.

Franchise Hockey Manager 6 adheres to the OOTP name in terms of detail and customization. FHM transforms a series of numbers placed on the chart, and the spreadsheet feels like a living, breathing, hockey universe. The 2D or 3D representation of the hockey game itself is not enough. I’m not going to put the FHM6 at the Football Manager or equivalent baseball level, but it’s getting closer every year. I highly recommend FHM6 to hardcore hockey fans and anyone who wants to learn more about hockey sports.

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