Franchise Hockey Manager 8 Available Today on PC

Com2uS and Out of the Park Development today launched Franchise Hockey Manager 8. The only NHL licensed game on PC is available at vapor And that OOTP website For $ 39.99, you’ll get a special 10% launch discount for $ 34.99 until November 7.

Check out the trailers, screenshots and features below. For more information Please see the official website..

Franchise Hockey Manager features a variety of enhancements and improvements added based on community feedback.

  • The choice is up to you – build a legacy with your new financial system, giving you more control over your budget and operations. New ice decisions can influence player choices.
  • Release Kraken – Draft your own version of the extended Seattle Kraken or join the league with a real lineup.
  • Influence and Response – Change player styles and tactics in response to game events and uncover the world of hockey with new rumors, news stories and statistics.
  • New Scouting Report-Improved Scouting Report helps you find future stars.
  • The fans are back on the stand. The 21-22 season roster, teams, leagues and statistics have been completely updated.
  • The short-term, college, and European leagues of historic games are so heavily fleshed out that young players not only become free agents before being signed or drafted, but also sponsorship used by the NHL until the 1960s. / Become an affiliate system is now also simulated.
  • European teams will be able to take steps to improve the quality of young players participating in the youth system.
  • You can now adjust the difficulty of trading, allowing for easier or more difficult trade negotiations, or nearly impossible negotiations.
  • The new post-match analysis screen shows the pros, cons and ugliness of both teams’ performance.
  • The 2D gaming system has received many changes and received some new graphics and animations to improve player behavior, animations, and statistical output.
  • A “Highlight” option has been added to 2D mode to show only important moments in the game or only goals.
  • Custom games can now add tournaments that allow teams from multiple leagues to participate, or add new leagues after the game starts.
  • Players can now use a user-editable “Notes” view. You can use this view to record your own notes, reminders, and more about the player.
  • Added a new “hockey card” style for displaying player portraits on some screens.

Franchise Hockey Manager 8 Available Today on PC

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