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Francis Ngannou believes he matches well Jon Jones..

Although he has been Dissatisfied with his overall lack of activity, Ngannou will face current heavyweight champion Pipe Miocic in the first quarter rematch of 2021.

The winner of that battle could face the long-awaited rise of former light heavyweight champion Jones this year.

And Ngannou is especially looking forward to a potential clash with Pound for Pound King, especially after last year’s meeting didn’t happen.

“It’s obviously something everyone wants to see,” Ngannou said. Told to MMA Fighting.. “If I said myself, I would have wanted to see the fight. I wanted it to happen. If this fight had happened, I would have been active. Probably If there are two positive things to do with the best ever Jon Jones, in my opinion it’s the best Pound for Pound in the world, but the main thing will remain active.

“Now, here, it’s just missing. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing. Fighting is a good fight and a big fight It’s great to do. That’s what I’m looking forward to. “

Jones is bulky in preparation for the transition to heavyweight. Like many in the martial arts world, Ngannou believes his skills in light heavyweight will change the division.

That said, he still feels a good match for the former £ 205 king.

“I think it’s a pretty good match for Jon Jones,” Ngannou said. “He’s gaining weight now. He looks really big and strong, but I think he’s a pretty good match. He has some great skills that rival my strength. . wrong.”

It’s arguably one of the most anticipated battles in recent memory. Hopefully you can see it happen later this year.

Who won the Jones vs. Ngannou battle?

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Francis Ngannou thinks it’s a good match for Jon Jones Francis Ngannou thinks it’s a good match for Jon Jones

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