Freaky, Mulan, Mank, and 8 new movies to watch at home

Everything has changed this week. Maybe? In an unprecedented move, Warner Bros. announced that the entire 2021 movie slate will premiere in both the theater and HBO Max with a one-month exclusive release.Big event like Matrix 4, Space jam 2, Godzilla vs. Kong, And Denis Villeneuve’s Dunes As a way to counter the overwhelming weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is a temporary streaming monopoly. For movie fans, it’s a boon. For those who value the theatrical experience, it’s a little scary.

As the theater business continues to face the challenges of security and closure, new films continue to avoid previous releases by going straight to VOD. This week we’re offering a ton of movie hits in theaters earlier this year and high-quality straight-to-demand titles of interest. So, here’s a new movie you can watch on VOD this weekend to help you get through all the options.


Where to look: Digital, $ 19.99 rental on Amazon, Apple, Vudu

Photo: Universal Pictures

Bramhouse’s murderous view Freaky Friday The formula is screaming. The idea of ​​a switching body between a young woman and a 50-year-old serial killer could start a gender and mental examination, Whimsical In most cases, avoid the greater impact on gags, gussets, and maximum entertainment. From our complete review of the movie’s limited theatrical release:

[Freaky’s] A fast-paced, awkward and brutal scene is delivered in the horror section. There are many creative ways to kill, including particularly inspired scenes, including broken tennis rackets. The script has a sense of humor that blinks in the horror tradition. “Don’t be a butcher!” Millie whispered futilely when she found the murderer across the parking lot. “Everyone was tired and hit a lot,” Millie as the Butcher said after Naya and Josh didn’t believe her story first and attacked her with tater tots and carrots in the school cafeteria. Begging. “You are black, I am gay, we are very dead,” Josh complains to Naya when they are in danger.

Black bear

Where to look: Digital, $ 5.99 rented on Amazon, Apple, Vudu

Aubrey Plaza clinging to the black bear curtain

Photo: Momentum Pictures

Black bearIt’s not a socially uneasy audience film shot at Sundance 2020. It’s a drama that changes reality. The story begins to play and then plays in a completely different way, allowing the viewer to decipher what is happening and what it means. But all real-life versions of the movie are tense. Aubrey Plaza will star as a movie writer-director heading to a vast house in the woods where she is said to be able to resolve the twist in her latest project. Then her host (played by Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon) begins to choose a nasty personal battle — each other, with her, about Girlfriend. Nodding to John Cassavetes, writer and director Lawrence Michael Rabin pours into the drama as the three leads draw a circle and pierce each other in different configurations. It’s an actor’s showcase, a compelling story mystery, but hellishly moody, like being trapped in a house with the most angry, most drama-seeking family on holidays.

God Mother

Where to look: Streaming with Disney Plus

Isla Fisher as Mackenzie Walsh and Jillian Bell as Eleanor

Photo: KC Bailey

Starring Jillian Bell as the godfather of the training fairy, starring Isla Fisher as a single mother with a little help, God Mother Disney follows a particular tendency to overturn its own metaphor for comedy.But it’s not perfect EnchantedAs our review explores. Here is the taste:

on the other hand Enchanted Focusing on bringing the magic of fairy tales to everyday life, God Mother Find its originality by doing the opposite: Finally, it’s about how fairy tales can learn one or two things from real life. Remembering what brings happiness every day is more important than sticking to vague happiness. Delivery is not very smooth. The confrontation that Fairy Godmother becomes obsolete took the backseat in most of the movies, and the narration performed by a random old fairy who returned to her homeland before the final resurrection for the 11-hour showdown, The shift from seeing the movie rocking from the rest, and Eleanor of Mackenzie as annoying, to blessing is ridiculously fast. But the final fairy tale capsize is made with stable hands.


Where to look: Streaming on Netflix

Mank's Gary Oldman

Image: Netflix

Fight club, Social network,and Gone girl Director David Fincher is back with new features after spending a few years devoting himself to his television series Mind hunter.. And this project is an intoxicating fuss. Focuses on the life of screenwriter Harman J. Mankywitz. Mank Tell the story of making Citizen Kane While flying around the time exploring the turbulent career of the subject. Our full review captures how off-quilter it is:

I vaguely remember the structure before and after Citizen KaneStill, it lacks sophisticated impetus to enhance the storytelling of its classic multiple interviews. Liquidity is replaced by subtitles that identify the year and location in script terms. PARAMOUNT STUDIOS — DAY — 1930 (FLASHBACK) ”etc. Is this a commentary on the craftsmanship that can be put into a nimble script, or is the movie itself a bit craftsmanship? Fincher turns that ambiguity into a playfulness that even lacked some of his pulp adaptations.Where you like your favorite movie The girl with the dragon tattoo It feels like a rigorous and relentless journey, especially where you don’t go anywhere. Mank Luxury in that dreamlike atmosphere.

Fat man

Where to look: Digital rental, $ 6.99 Amazon and Apple

Mel Gibson as Fat Man

Photo: Saban Films

Brothers Eshom and Ian Nelms are the stylish filmmakers behind 2017 Crime in a small town.. Their latest features sound confusing. After financial difficulties, Santa Claus himself signs a contract to work for the military. At the same time, a little girl hires an assassin to defeat him. The mayhem continues. The hurdle for some viewers is that the controversial actor Mel Gibson starred as “Fat Man” himself.The mileage may vary Fat manIt’s worth noting that VOD has already created a financial wave during the weirdest holiday season on record.


Where to look: Streaming with Disney Plus

Mulan stands in a group of soldiers with a Mulan remake

Photo: Jasin Boland / Walt Disney Pictures

Mulan It made its debut at Disney Plus earlier this year as part of an experimental premier access plan. This plan can be purchased by subscribers for an additional $ 30. But now, live-action remakes can be streamed for free on the service. Reactions may vary. From our review:

However, the best points of comparison remain The rise of Skywalker.. Mulan Easily clear the bar set by live-action unexploded ordnance like The Lion King And beauty and the BeastBut still you can’t regain the magic of the movie it’s adapted to. It abandons the strongest idea of ​​animated films (the humble origin of songs and heroes) in an attempt to tell a more customary story. In the animated film, the emperor described Mulan as follows: “I don’t see such a girl in every dynasty.” She is an act that she cannot follow. So is the 1998 movie.


Where to look: Digital rental, $ 19.99 Amazon and Apple

Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet look at each other's eyes lovingly in ammonites

Photo: Neon

The year is 1840, and Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) is looking for fossils. When a young woman (Saoirse Ronan) is sent to live in a seaside bargain, the two form a strong and life-changing relationship. Ammonite With Neon, who played the (digital) festival circuit earlier this year and was acclaimed and won the Best Picture Award in February last year. ParasiteBehind the scenes, the movie could be included in the award discussion until the Oscars spawn — Cool, April! ?? But I’m skipping the theater this weekend so I can see it right now. Watch out for our reviews on the site right away.

Dear santa

Where to look: Digital rental, Amazon $ 5.99, Apple $ 6.99, Vudu

Dear Santa girl is writing a letter

Image: IFC Films

The film by the acclaimed documentary film Dana Nuffman has captivated viewers behind the scenes of the post office in a slightly more political way than the post office-related conversations of the last six months. Specifically, Nuffman jumps into the United States Postal Service’s 100-year-old Operations Santa program with “unprecedented access” to what happens to hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa each year. From running the giant New York City to the small town of Santa, the film promises a heartwarming non-fiction experience with the energy of Eurtide.

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