Free Bar10n Find5X4P-Brain Card Game

Hello everyone. Bar10n Find5X 4P – There’s another notable giveaway from Google for brain card games. Read about their offer.

Bar10n Find5X 4P – Get Brain Card Games for Free!

A word about Bar10n Find5X 4P – Brain Card Game

People who trust their intellect here. You will love the exciting new card game find5x4P that makes you think.

Find5x 4P is a unique strategy game created with a very special scoring system.

Find5x 4P is a fun new game with universal and intelligent features.

Everyone likes their simple rules and easy-to-understand play styles.

In addition to being a deeply professional scoring system, players unfamiliar with the scoring system can easily achieve successful results with a little glory by paying attention to some rules. I will.

Find5x 4P can play games for all ages

How is the game played? Those who want to specialize in a very easy way can get more help within the application and from the site.

The game consists of two decks, four jokers and a total of 108 playing cards. In addition, each card has a game-specific point value and rank. In the game, players are dealt 68 cards, 17 of each, leaving 40 cards in the deck.

After each hand is strategically selected and 3 cards are discarded, the cards are received and the game continues for 9 hands.

According to the in-game card rankings, the first 8 hands will receive additional hand points of 1.600, 2.400, 3.200, and 4.0. The final hand score is surprising and is calculated at twice the total points. The player with the highest total score of 9 hands wins the hand and the last player loses. 2nd and 3rd place are considered not to win or lose. Additional points for the game, determined by a special factor, are also calculated and written to the leaderboard.

While earning total points in the game, if the last digit of the total points ends with 5, you will earn 5 times more points. In addition, if one of the cards is 5, or the total of the two cards is 15, then 5 times more points will be earned.

If you try to find 5 in the game, you will try to get a special mathematical bonus.

Systematic and mathematical thinking discipline gives players in this game the ability to make decisions and think intuitively. The memory of the player will also be stronger. In addition, people who play, escape stress, and have a good time as a result of intellectual development exercises.

Summary: * Card game enthusiasts.

Someone who wants to play a new game.

Someone who trusts their intellect.

Those who seek a strategy game.

Those who want to have fun.

You will surely like this game, and you will not be able to give up.

You can find more information about the game on our site and in the video.

You can send an email for your request and suggestion.

Also, those who want to support: they can come back with comments and likes.

Thank you very much. Welcome to the Bar10n family.

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Boymate10, creator of Bar10n

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Last note

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