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A word about Brigador: Up Armored Deluxe

Brigador: Up Armored Deluxe includes a base game and the following bonus content:

– OST Volume I

– OST Volume II

– Uplink EP

– Up Armored EP


Brigador will be redesigned in 2017 to include expanded missions, localization, increased difficulty, revised controls, as well as improved lighting effects and mechanics.

Here is your contract:

Brigador is an isometric roguelike game of intense tactical combat. Play as a mercenary pilot betraying the planet and look for heavy payments and tickets from this planet. Everything you destroy makes money for the pilot and you can use it to unlock even more destructive vehicles, guns and challenges. Find a loadout that suits your playing style and bring havoc to the city of Solo Noble.

Escape offworld with your money or try and die.

  • Unlock 56 mechas, tanks and hovercraft with 40 weapons
  • 100% destructible environment
  • 37 Mission Campaign Mode Expansion with Continuous Developer Support
  • Expanded and updated over 20 map freelance modes with varying difficulty and challenges at all skill levels
  • Deep and fascinating dark science fiction universe and folklore
  • Original soundtrack by Makeup & Vanity Set, acclaimed synth music for over 2 hours

Last note

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