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Get Defender Heroes Premium: Defender War Tower Defense for Free!

A word about Defense Heroes Premium: Defender War Tower Defense

Defense Heroes Premium offers you:

*?Free 1500 jewelry

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DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense – The best strategy game – Free offline game!

Protect your empire from zombies and monsters offline in this fun tower defense strategy game!

Ready to embark on an open world adventure in battle with the most epic defender heroes?

It’s time to recruit many defender heroes to fight, defend and win in defense games offline.

Defender Heroes Features: Defender War Offline Tower Defense:

Great defense?

DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense is a tower defense strategy offline game with a very special defensive genre, but the gameplay is very simple: Touch-Drop-Upgrade. Build your line and interrupt each wave of bloodthirsty enemies. Don’t forget to carefully consider where to place your hero defenses in offline defense games.

TD Strategy Challenges ??

Carefully prepare your strategy for enemy operations. Your mission is to touch on the most strategic positions to build an army of invincible defender heroes to protect your routes. If you don’t come up with the right defensive tactics right away, you’ll quickly lose to the number of monsters, and the number of bosses that cause the Defender War is constantly increasing. Be careful how you defend your hero!

Would you like to summon a legendary hero?

Six major generals, including more than 60 warriors, each defender hero with different outstanding skills. Recruit, summon generals and use the most appropriate defensive tactics to unleash incredible power in offline games.

Would you like to awaken the Defender Hero?

Don’t forget to upgrade and awaken the royal warriors to gain an advantage in combat in this unique offline game
Defense hero.. Combining powerful heroes with clever tactics, you can easily win each battle between the two empires.

Magic skill?

The system of magic skills for Defender Heroes is very diverse. For example, you can push monsters off cliffs, shoot from trees, freeze enemies, heal your teammates, make more money on the game screen, and win each match. Offline Games-Tower Defense!

Best Strategy Download Defender Offline Games, have fun and share with your friends – DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense now!

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