Free fire maintenance done today for chrono update operation

The long-awaited Operation Chrono will appear on December 7th. Free Fire is preparing to release two new heroes, Chrono and Snowelle, as well as Vector and the new Baboob Pet. The Galena server will be available for some time today to launch Operation Chrono. The maintenance patch takes about 8 hours. The maintenance update will start at 9:30 am and the server will be up and running at 5:15 pm (IST). During this time, players will not be able to participate in the game, but they will continue to play normally and will experience new patches as soon as they are updated. Other new features include updated training map and Vector Akimbo.

What do you expect from the operation of Chrono Update?

Famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is heading to Freefire with this update. The next character “Chrono” is based on his portrait. He is a bounty hunter who can bend time and space to give himself protection and dexterity. Like the characters of Alock and K, it comes with an active skill called “Time-Turner”, making it the third character with active skills in Freefire.

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Chrono’s “Time-Turner” special ability allows you to cast a force field that blocks damage from enemies, speeding up movement and buffing him and his allies within the shield.

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In addition to Chrono, a character called Snowel will also be introduced in this update. As a nanotech expert, she has an active skill called nanonerves. When activated, enemies shot by her will not be able to use active skills or heal themselves by converting EP to HP. This is a perfect counter as Alok and K rely on active skills to dominate the battlefield.

Players can also participate in Operation Chrono to earn rewards. This is currently active. Players do not have to wait for maintenance updates. To complete Operation Chrono’s jigsaw puzzle, players must use the code to exchange pieces. Each code corresponds to a different piece of the puzzle. Players can give their friends the codes they already have, or ask their friends for the codes to get all the jigsaw codes. Alternatively, you can get the code by visiting Free Fire’s official social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Collect all 5 codes, enter the name of your ambassador and get a chance to win a Cyber ​​Swing Baseball bat.

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