Free Galaxxy Idol PV: Dress Up and Runway

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Galaxxy Idol PV: Get dressed up and runway for free!

A word about Galaxxy Idol PV: Dressup and Runway

Galaxxy Idol PV has been released!

* Special benefits of PV

PV provides 5 scratch cards and 300 care points by default.

Go to [Scratch] Get menus and costumes now!

?? Note! We do not share game data with the free version of Galaxy Idol.

Welcome to Galaxy Idol!

Is there anything I need to be the queen of galactic fashion?

Galaxy Idol is a real-time dress-up game that challenges your fashion creativity to become the next space idol star.

Play against other players in PvP and dress up the real players as judges around the world to create a runway.

Become the one who sets new standards in galactic fashion trends!


Hostile aliens are invading major fashion cities, turning people’s outfits into perverted outfits.

Your goal is to become a “legendary space idol” and lead those invaders to justice!

[game feature]

* Harajuku style costume *

All outfits in this game are primarily inspired by Harajuku fashion style and are designed based on pop art, cyberpunk, internet memes, 8-bit graphics and more.

We consistently add a new collection of costumes every month!

* Real-time dress-up and runway *

Dress up your idol in real time according to the theme and directly evaluate the fashion of other players’ idols.

* Various stickers *

After dressing up, players can put stickers wherever they like on the creative design.

Collect them and find a creative way to use them for your benefit!

* Future plan *

– More items

– Drawing mode that allows players to draw their own stickers

– Story mode where players can explore major fashion cities, fight aliens and get alien fashion items

Last note

Log in with your Google account to download the game and install it on your device.

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