Free game updates are great for everyone except new players

You won’t complain about the free lunch, right? Well, maybe you do — if lunch is something you’ve never eaten, and it comes with a tool you’ve never used before, and no one has it If you didn’t teach you how to actually eat. It’s a bit like the feeling I had when I first picked up Dead Cells.but Technically Second time…

I first played Dead Cells long before it came out. I happened to be attending an indie game tournament in France, and I happened to be looking for a journalist to try out a game being developed by these two French game developers. It happened to be the only journalist there. They let me sit at the table, open my laptop and show me a game called Dead Cells.

I remember being a little distracted. Often, if someone corners you at an event, it means they don’t have a booth, which means they don’t have the money for the booth, and it’s probably theirs. It’s the first game and they have a lot of money which means they aren’t.Don’t do it necessary This means the game is bad and this particular case proves it, but it makes me a little more careful.

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Oooooooh, preeeeetty

I didn’t have to be careful at all. I’ve never seen a game like Dead Cells, so it took me about a minute to forget what I was doing before. This gorgeous and detailed rotoscoping-like pixel animation is fluid and expressive despite its aesthetic limits, and is colorful in an exciting way without being overwhelmingly saturated. I didn’t play for a long time, but it settled in my heart.

When it was announced, I quickly realized that the developer Motion Twin didn’t need anything from me — the world. loved Do them all at once. So I postponed the play for a while. A length in the meantime. It’s always sold here and there, I’m always getting new DLC, and I’m always getting big free updates four years after its release, so I thought I’d have the most content just a little longer.It makes sense to play it rear All content is present. right?

It’s not a bad thing to have too many choices and too much to learn, many

I got Dead Cells on sale a few weeks ago, and once I started putting an end to Slay The Spire’s obsession, I tried it. Immediately I was overwhelmed. Billions of weapons, hundreds of millions of choices, and billions of new content were added before encountering most of the old content. I felt like I stopped by for a small family dinner, but it turned out to be a 3000 course mega buffet. It’s not a bad thing to have too many choices and too much to learn, manyAnd I think it felt more exciting and organic to discover everything when it was released, rather than all at once.

For the record, I’m enjoying it a lot … I wish I could enjoy it at my own pace, rather than feeling about 20 updates worth the content behind everyone. think. And look at the patch notes! They are very confusing for poor Dead Cells idiots like me!

Dead Cells is far from this first or worst example. Many games these days, especially those that have been very successful, are still alive with a wealth of updates. Perhaps the experience of launching the game is only greeted with 50 messages about all DLC and patches and new content. It is attached.

In the worst case, please forgive me for talking about non-Nintendo games on this Nintendo website. Destiny 2..

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This is very similar to reading the first page of a science fiction series. (Image: Destiny 2)

This may be common because I don’t play many MMO-type games, but opening Destiny 2 for the first time was like stepping into a PhD lecture on theoretical physics. I didn’t understand any of the jargon. All I wanted to do was shoot my friends and aliens. But my buddies have more levels than me, have better guns than me, have about 30 seasons of content in front of me, and Destiny 2 onboarding is as beginner as the cockpit of an airplane. It’s kind to.

Opening Destiny 2 for the first time was like stepping into a PhD lecture on theoretical physics.

I wasn’t allowed to do anything until I reached a certain level of caps.I did not know how I reached the level cap because it didn’t tell me what to do to get XP. I wasn’t allowed to associate with friends until I ran some tutorial levels, but I didn’t know what the tutorial level was. It was My quest was full of misleading updates. Also, I couldn’t speak because there were too many currencies and too many NPCs, so I just wanted to wear a cool spacesuit. Gut !!

This is one of the systems added to Dead Cells, but I don’t understand yet

Whining about too many free stuff feels a bit dissatisfied with Colin, but I suspect that the more developers get from the release, the more new players they get. It’s probably much easier (and more fun) to adapt to an existing player base, add new features, extend loved ones, weaken dislikes … but sometimes I just I just want the option to learn how to play the game with Swamp Standard Double Exotic Supermaster SteelFlame Shotgun Halberd +5, 22DPS Sword and shield before unlocking 80% knockback in Parry.

Do you have this experience? Do you think the game needs to update the tutorial with new content? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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