Free Grow Zombie VIP-Zombie Grow Merge

Hello everyone. Google is hosting a new gift for Grow Zombie VIP – Merge Zombies. Their message is:

Get Grow Zombie VIP-Merge Zombies for Free!

Grow Zombie VIP – Some words about Merge Zombies

**************** VIP *********************

– 500 GEM (click the vip button at the top)


New game “Pixelstar Games”

Raise zombies

Abandonment + Synthesis + Merge + Strategy Game + Defense

Addictive integration and strategic battle

Generate and grow zombies and conquer the world

Combine zombies to develop even more powerful zombies

Strengthen various weapons, tanks and spaceships

Look for aliens and mutations!

[Game Features]

??Synthesize zombies to develop high-end zombies

??Awaken zombies and learn special abilities

??Build a zombie army and start hunting

??Hunt various bosses, aliens, mutations

??Research institutes, development of ancient ruins, improvement of zombie abilities

?? Different types of zombies (space zombies, mutant zombies, prize zombies, etc.)

Last note

Log in with your Google account to download the game and install it on your device.

So hustle. Click the button below and follow the instructions listed. It’s never been easier! Want more? See the Giveaways and Free Steam Keys page for a huge selection of active Giveaways and contests.

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