Free Guy surpassed box office revenue for two consecutive weeks

Free Guy Good news for weekend box office. After more than expected, the Ryan Reynolds-led film again outperformed the box office this weekend with a higher-than-expected opening of $ 28.4 million last weekend, experiencing the best hold of the second weekend of the summer. Let’s say all three new releases launched this weekend were DOA.

On weekend 2, Free Guy Total revenue was $ 18.8 million, a decrease of only 34% each weekend. This is a great hold and also the best hold on the second weekend of summer, with major big event releases collapsing by more than 60% in the sophomore frame. This is good news that the box office was needed this weekend. Some thought the movie would slide 50%, but good reviews certainly helped the movie, and despite the surge in COVID cases, the demographics of the subject if the product is worth it. Indicates that will appear in the movie. Free Guy It has proved worth going to the cinema and is not very competitive, so you should be able to play well in the coming weeks.By the way, overseas Free Guy We also made a solid business with $ 17.1 million. To date, Free Guy has generated $ 58.8 million in the United States and $ 111.9 million worldwide.

The second debut is Foot patrol For $ 13 million. The debut is impressive given the fact that the movie is offered free of charge to 42 million subscribers on Paramount +. The movie was tracked in the single digits, so the fact that it was available at home but exceeded the track should be considered a win. Another promising sign of the film is that it earned $ 13 million without showing a legal cinema. Due to the theatrical release, the exhibitors and the studio could not see the conditions. Legal is the second exhibitor in the United States after AMC, so Foot patrol Doing this well without them is given that they are worried that family movies may suffer from box office because their parents don’t want to endanger it because of the surge in COVID cases. , A great achievement.

Jungle cruise Weekend 4 totaled $ 6.2 million and continues to perform well in 3rd place. That’s a 31% drop, a solid hold given that the movie can be streamed through the Disney + Premier Access program. Despite the estimated $ 200 million budget, I’ll call this a Disney victory. This is because streaming enough to make up for some of the box office could work, and the current total during these pandemics is actually pretty good. As of this weekend Jungle cruise It earns $ 92.5 million domestically and $ 173.7 million worldwide.

The fourth one to fall Do not breathe 2 For $ 5.05 million. The movie fell 53% from weekend to weekend. This is in close agreement with horror movies, which is better than expected considering the polarization response to the movie. Do not breathe 2 It certainly doesn’t hold it like its predecessor who did it pretty well at the end of the summer of 2016, but given the $ 15 million budget for the sequel, Do not breathe 2 Ultimately it is considered a small victory. to date, please do not Breathing 2 The total income is $ 19.7 million.

The slide to 5th place Respect For $ 3.8 million. The movie dropped quite a bit to 57% on weekend 2. Here you can see how the surge in COVID affects box office revenue. Respect Corresponding to old demographics and African Americans, polls show that both demonstrations are more reluctant to go to the theater during these times.If this was a normal box office, I would Respect Performance will be much better, but I think the fall or winter release near the Oscar season has brought more benefits to the film. As of this weekend Respect So far, it has generated $ 15.8 million in revenue.

6th place Suicide squad The total amount was $ 3.4 million. The movie fell 54% this weekend. This is another big slide from a DC Comics movie. With a reported budget of $ 185 million and the film’s total revenue of $ 49.2 million as of this weekend, I really want to know how Warner Bros. feels about this. These HBO Max numbers are even more impressive as all the signs indicate that this movie is a loss to the studio. Prior to the weekend, the film made $ 121.2 million worldwide, but that’s not enough to make up for its poor performance in the United States.

In 7th place is the first of three new releases this weekend. All I can brag about is the best performance of the three. Protection Even the box office revenue of the pandemic era opened at $ 2.93 million, which is disappointing.The movie has an impressive cast of Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, and Maggie Q. Protection Looks like a movie that had “I was there and did it.”And quality.For the trailer movie, nothing stood out from the following: Atomic blonde Or Luc Besson’s female assassins movie, Anna.. Pandemic box office proved that the audience would appear in a movie when it seemed worth the time, which didn’t seem worth the trip. Surprisingly, the movie is 62% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, so some critics have found something worth recommending, but that’s enough to prevent the movie from being quickly retrofitted. Not enough.

In 8th place is the debut of the art house horror movie. Night house, The total amount was $ 2.8 million. Night House With a fresh rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, it was the most reviewed movie of the new release, and I strongly felt that it would be a horror movie that critics love, but the average movie fan was their Raise your nose. A sign that this is the case is that the film has earned a “C-” CinemaScore from the opening night audience. This shows that casual movie fans definitely didn’t see what the critics saw. Night house Leaving the theater among horror enthusiasts could find cult status, but given that Searchlight invested $ 12 million for global rights to the film at Sundance 2020, this is It’s not the start they wanted.

In 9th place is the last new release. Recollection I earned $ 2 million over the weekend. I’m confident that Hugh Jackman’s film could also be streamed on HBO Max, which had an impact on the box office revenue the film was generating. There weren’t many promotions behind the movie and the reviews weren’t kind either. The film earned a 37% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, and its “C +” CinemaScore from the Opening Night Audience, Recollection It will disappear soon.

The top 10 is closed Black widow The total income was $ 1.15 million. The film slides 39% this weekend and has generated $ 180.2 million in revenue so far. Despite all the dramas surrounding the movie and Scarlett Johansson’s proceedings against Disney, the movie is the highest-paying summer movie in the domestic box office, and it’s a celebration. To date, the film has generated $ 367.8 million in revenue worldwide.

What do you think about the box office performance this weekend?

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Free Guy surpassed box office revenue for two consecutive weeks

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