“Free Melee” becomes “Save Smash” following Nintendo’s legal action against Super Smash Bros. Event

update: The· #FreeMelee Hashtags have evolved into #SaveSmash, And at the time of writing this, I’m picking up 21.7K tweets. This is enough to start a trend on Twitter around the world.

Original [Fri 20th Nov, 2020 00:55 GMT]: The highly competitive Smash Bros. community took action online this year, but one event wasn’t very lucky.

Big House, the longest-running Super Smash Bros. tournament in the United States, has received a cease and desist order from the Nintendo of America. The problem Nintendo is having at this year’s event is the fact that it needs an “illegal copied version.” Super Smash Bros. DX We also use Slippi Online. The rollback net code allows players to publish it online.

Nintendo said in a statement to Polygon that tournament organizers “refused” cooperation and “have no choice” but to take a step to protect their intellectual property and brand. Notably, the company says it will “continue” to support the Smash Bros. competitive scene in the future.

“Nintendo appreciates the love and dedication that the fighting game community has for the Super Smash Bros. series. We have partnered with numerous Super Smash Bros. tournaments in the past to host online and offline tournaments for the game. Unfortunately. The next Big House tournament has announced plans to host an online tournament for Super Smash Bros. Melee, which will feature an illegally copied version of the game in combination with a mod called “Slippi” during an online event. Must be used. Therefore, Nintendo contacted the tournament organizer and asked for a stop. They refused and Nintendo had no choice but to intervene to protect its intellectual property and brand. Nintendo cannot tolerate or permit piracy of its intellectual property. “

With its own response (Via Twitter), Big House said it was “broken heart” that had to cancel upcoming online events and had no choice but to follow Nintendo. Refund details will be sent shortly.

“Big House is thrilled to share that it has received a cease and desist from Nintendo of America to cancel upcoming online events. Hosting or broadcasting the event, primarily for usage. I was informed that I did not have permission. Sadly, all our competition is affected.

“We are obliged to follow orders and cancel Big House Online in both Proximity and Ultimate. Refund information will be sent shortly. We apologize to everyone affected.”

Smash and the competitive fighting game community responded with hashtags #FreeMelee, Is becoming a trend on social media. The Big House Smash Bros. Tournament was scheduled to take place from December 4th to 6th.

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