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A word about the message quest – Feste’s amazing adventure

Message Quest is a small stained glass point-and-click adventure about laziness and its pioneers. The atmosphere and story was inspired by the famous Japanese animation studio.

This is the story of a lazy proclamation called Feste. You may know Herald, who appears at the beginning of every story and is looking for a hero to offer that “call for adventure.” Just before something interesting begins to happen. That is exactly the job of our festival. Find a hero, give him a call for adventure, and you’re done. It does not abuse or save the world. But all he wants to do is sleep and eat candy. You need to be his conscience and guide him through the struggles and strange encounters of the roads between the worlds.

Overnight Cute Fantastic Journey-The game lasts about an hour and a half, so you can get the complete story in one session.

Adventures will be fun for both children and adults. Message Quest is an RPG for those who love rare fantasy stories.


– Unusual stained glass graphics that make everything look like a fairy tale.

– Attractive characters with unpredictable reactions that share stories.

– A traditional mechanic puzzle where you can fully enjoy the story without losing the immersive feeling of the game.

“-Funny bosses fight in true JRPG style with ridiculous attacks and bonuses.

– A new dialog system that allows you to control multiple characters in a conversation. “

– Jokes and Easter eggs that surprise you when you don’t expect them.

– Immerse yourself in the bizarre fantasy world of Road Between Worlds with a magical soundtrack specially written for Message Quest.

Last note

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