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What’s wrong? Epic Games is hosting Metro’s new giveaway, 2033 Redux. Read about their offer.

Get the Metro: 2033 Redux for Free!

A word about the metro: 2033 Redux

In 2013, the world was devastated by apocalyptic events, annihilating almost all humankind and turning the surface of the earth into a toxic wasteland. With a handful of survivors evacuating deep beneath Moscow, human civilization has entered a new dark age.

This year is 2033. Born and raised underground for generations, the besieged subway station cities are struggling to survive, both with each other and with the fear of mutations waiting outside.

You are Artiom. Born in the last days before the fire, he grew up underground. Although he has never ventured across city boundaries, a fateful event has created a desperate mission at the heart of the metro system, warning the remnants of mankind of a terrifying and imminent threat.

Your journey will take you from the forgotten catacombs below the subway to the desolate wastelands above. So your actions determine the fate of mankind.

But what if the real threat comes from within?

Last note

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