Free Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl DLC Adds 20 Cool New Costumes

Patrick in a cowboy hat and Michelangelo, a TMNT star with black and white skin.

image: Nickelodeon / GameMill Entertainment / Kotaku

Nick All-Star Brawl Released in October.. It may not seem that long ago, but if you’ve been stuck in the same clothes since then, you’re probably desperate for some new looks as well. Fortunately for both fighters and fans, New updates released on most platforms Finally added a new costume Super Smash Bros.-Like a fighter.

New released yesterday Nick All-Star Brawl The update adds 20 new costumes for people playing on PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam. Almost all new skins are inspired by the different looks that these popular characters sported somewhere. For example, Zim Invader Zim Now have a costume that is based on him Human disguise often seen at shows when he goes to school..

Probably the coolest new costume TMNT The character, especially the ninja turtle himself. Michelangelo and Leonardo’s looks have changed Inspired directly from the original black and white cartoon design. And April O’Neill is now Action figure of the character at that time.. Neat!

This new costume pack is now available for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC. Switch owners have to wait a bitr To get these new outfits.

While hype Nick All-Star Brawl It has been a little cold since it got hot on October 5th. The community around the game is still very active.Players have held multiple tournaments, including once in October Banned Michelangelo Because of his unreasonably powerful combo.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl It will ship in 20 characters, but developers will add more. A data miner looking at the game’s files right after launch found the following evidence: Garfield and Friends TMNT Villain shredder may come For games in the future. Hopefully they will also get some cool alternative outfits.

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