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A word about Package Inc.

Package Inc. is an exciting delivery simulator created by the same developers of Traffix and Railways.

The entire game is ad-free and has some nice milestones that appeal to those who care most about style. Does anyone want to have the Eiffel Tower in their city?

Package Inc. is a beautiful game for designing delivery systems for growing cities. Build connections between different hubs and feed multiple destinations such as factories, police stations, cafes, libraries, boutiques, salons, hotels, pizzerias, pet stores and schools.

With new hubs active and increasing demand, you can reposition your buildings to keep the delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible. Speed ​​and storage capacity are also essential for the delivery network to operate without inconvenience. How long can you keep your order moving?


* Elegantly minimalist and beautiful visual design.

* Learn management related things in an endless and fun way.

* Original soundtrack and immersive experience (headphones are a must!);

* Multiple goals to achieve in a real city.

* Several upgrades (some hidden) to improve the network.

* Various moods: From very relaxing to very thrilling.

* Expand from small towns to big cities.

Package Inc. has an exciting visual design and shares the same minimalist features as the previous Infinity Games titles. The game starts at a very relaxed pace, but quickly turns into a thrilling experience. Every game is unique because the growth is random in each city. Your success depends heavily on the quality and speed of your decisions.


* We provide as many packages as possible.

* Operate for days.

* Add multiple destinations.

* Reduce delivery time.

* Increase storage capacity.

Infinity Games aims to provide the best gaming experience of its title. I love to introduce new minimalist puzzle games and let people think while relaxing.

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Last note

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