Free Play Days – The Elder Scrolls Tamriel Unlimited and Soulcalibur VI

Discover adventures in the large online community and ignite your passion for combat with your weapons on this weekend’s free playday. The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited And Soul Calibur VI Playable by both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members Thursday, December 3rd, 12:01 PST Until Sunday, December 6th, 11:59 pm PST, With long-term stay The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Until Wednesday, December 9th, 7:00 am PST.

How to start playback

Find and install the game on Click to go to the Microsoft Store and you’ll need to sign in to see the options to install with your Xbox Live Gold membership.To download on the console, go to the Xbox Store[サブスクリプション]Click the tab to enter the Gold Member area and find your Xbox One Free Play Days collection.

Keep enjoying

Buy the game and keep playing while maintaining your gamer scores and achievements earned during the event! Please note that the discount rate may vary by region.

Game details

The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited
Join over 15 million players and discover unparalleled adventures The Elder Scrolls OnlineAn award-winning online RPG set in the world of The Elder Scrolls, a long-term free play day until 7am PST on Wednesday, December 9th. Discover the secrets of Tamriel, create your own weapons and play styles, and have plenty of opportunities to travel to magnificent lands. not only that, Morrowind Chapters are now playable and don’t miss the spectacular savings currently available The Elder Scrolls Online At the Xbox store.

Soul Calibur VI
History stage Soul Calibur VI Welcome. Experience the latest entry in the best weapon-based 3D fighting game series while continuing the epic battle of warriors looking for the legendary soul sword. Featuring many years of iconic characters, special guest characters, and an exciting roster of vast character creators, Soul Calibur VI There is no doubt that it will ignite the souls of old and new fans. Choose your favorite warrior and win the victory! Play as a Korean swordsman fan this weekend. The latest addition to the roster will return to Soul Calibur 15 years later to defeat evil in his Dark Thunder Longsword and Six Heavenly Arts fighting style!

Don’t miss this exciting free playday for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members! Learn more about Free Play Days. Keep an eye on XboxWire for upcoming Free Play Days and all the latest Xbox game news.

Free Play Days – The Elder Scrolls Tamriel Unlimited and Soulcalibur VI

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