Free Rin, the girl drawn in the puzzle

What’s wrong? Another notable offer from Google for Lynn, the girl depicted in the puzzle. This is what they say.

Rin, get the girl depicted in the puzzle for free!

Rin, some words about the girl depicted in the puzzle

Rin, the girl depicted in the puzzle

[ The girl inside the Oriental Painting ]

Join Rin as he explores the warm and beautiful oriental paintings of the nine-tailed fox.

As she escapes the maze, she will guide the little girl Rin.

Solve the puzzle with the girl “Rin” in the picture and uncover the secret of the picture sealed by the nine-tailed fox.

[ Stories from traditional fairy tales ]

It happened long ago in a distant country where humans often saw monsters and ghosts.

The story of the girl looking for the disappeared nine-tailed fox and her secret diary reveals the secrets of both stories.

From their destiny intertwined to a heartwarming conclusion, this short story will be part of your memory forever.

[ Beautiful scenery and music ]

Why not take a break to enjoy the story, scenery and music?

Isn’t it through the beauty of life and the freedom of mind that we can enjoy the innocence of the world and escape the world of materialism?

[ Award ]

The game was officially released after winning first place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Last note

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