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Russian driver 3D
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A word about Russian driver 3D

Try this new and exciting game about driving old Russian cars.
The game has three game modes: parking, destroyer, and off-road.
In parking mode, you need to avoid traffic cones and other obstacles along the way to the parking space. Accurate driving skills are required.
In destroyer mode, you must destroy all fuel barrels along the way and reach the finish line within the allotted time. In this mode, the level is wide and driving skills are less important than in previous game modes.
In offload mode, you need to reach the finish line of the old UAZ-469 SUV via offload. In this mode, you need to focus on the road as much as possible. The path goes through difficult terrain. You need to overcome them carefully while avoiding obstacles in the path. If you like driving games with realistic driving physics, this game is a simulator for you.

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