Free Timing Hero PV: Retro Fighting Action RPG

Gamers Hello, everyone. Google gives you all the opportunities to win in Timing Hero PV: Retro Fighting Action RPG. Let’s listen to them.

Timing Hero PV: Get a Retro Fighting Action RPG for Free!

Timing Hero PV: A Word About Retro Fighting Action RPGs

Enjoy one of
The best RPG In battles and battles of great heroes. Choose from a variety of heroes, upgrades and weapons to fight terrifying enemies. This retro RPG features 8-bit graphics and music, completely reminiscent of old-fashioned games. It’s so much fun, easy to play, and so much fun that you’ll love it every second. Start the game and enjoy the hero battle. However, keep in mind that some enemies are extremely dangerous. Find out why we are one of the best free RPG games for Android!

??Fascinating story

Once upon a time there was a great magician with mysterious powers. She protected the kingdom with 12 apostles. One day, after the death of the king, they disappeared without notice, after which an endless war with monsters began. Legend has it that only a hero with the relics of a great wizard and an apostle can end this war. People waited for the chosen one, hoping that the legend would be true. a long time.

?? One of the best retro RPGs!

You are acting as a timing hero. He needs your timely reaction in hero fighting. His skill depends on your performance. So win the battle and buy the right upgrade. Avoid and attack many great heroes and bosses at the right time.

?? Free RPG with 3 game modes

First of all, we recommend the classic game mode. Choose your hero and start the battle. Make him the best. Enjoy this classic RPG even more with two game modes, the Colosseum and the Raid! Find out why it’s one of the best RPG battles and the best free RPG battle games!

??Old-fashioned, super-interesting nostalgic graphics and gameplay

This free RPG game has the old-fashioned gaming spirit with retro music, sound effects and retro pixelated graphics. The gameplay is perfectly created and you need to be accurate! One of those battle games will have a hard time turning off.

?? Lots of new features!

– 10 new heroes with stronger skills.

– 16 new boss monsters with legendary powers.

– Two new epic game modes. Colosseum and raid.

??Colosseum game mode

– Play as a party of 3 heroes.

– Fight against other heroes with hero skills.

– Switch between 3 party members with different skills. Build your own strategy against powerful enemies.

– Win 12 battles, become a champion, earn honor points and summon cards, and unlock new heroes.

?? RAID game mode

– Play as a party of 3 heroes.

– Fight against legendary boss monsters with 3 different powerful skills.

– Switch between 3 party members with different skills. Build your own strategy against powerful enemies.

– If you lose, you can continue to fight another party.

– Defeating the legendary boss monster will give you medals and powerful scrolls to increase your hero’s attributes beyond your limits.


– You can switch party members at any time!

– Use the buff and debuff to your advantage as they will not disappear when switched.

– You can use skills such as “Stun” and “Shackle” to stop enemy skills.

– All enemy skills can be countered with specific hero skills.

– Heroes will need a rest after participating in a Colosseum or Raid battle. Unlock and upgrade other heroes to increase the number of parties you can play without waiting.

– Clearing will increase the difficulty level. If it becomes impossible, please try it the next day.

?? Retro is back! A thrilling control game full of RPG features.

– No automatic combat

– Avoidance and counterattack

– Dodge combo attacks from bosses

– Enjoy full 4-color graphics and 4ch 8-bit sound

?? Play with different heroes and unique skills!

– 26 heroes with different abilities and skills

– Upgrade stats with prizes as needed

?? Choose what you want and collect unique artifacts!

– 24 artifacts that affect all heroes

– Upgrade and make artifacts more powerful

– Complete stages 40, 80 and 120 to see each hero’s unique epilogue.

?? Tips! Get the advantage with “Just” Everd & “Just” Attack!

– Avoid: Avoid precise timing

– Just attack: Attack the monster that appears at the timing

Last note

Log in with your Google account to download the game and install it on your device.

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