Free updates for Nidhogg and Nidhogg 2 add new levels and cats

Good news!Chaotic multiplayer fighter Nidhogg 2 I received a free update that adds a new costume and two new levels, including a set of trains.Better news: original Needs Heg We also received free updates and added new battlefields and some new animated cats.

Two new levels of Nidhogg 2 Explained in a simple Steam post, Are “train” and “office”. The former is the “devil’s meat locomotive” and the latter seems to be based on the “real Meshof office”. I question this.

I’m old enough to find a train level reminiscent of Kauboyana, the old and free western of Meshof.that is why There was one mini-game played on the roof of the train. Please refer to... I didn’t say it was a deep connection.

I also tend to agree with Adam in him Nidhogg 2 ReviewI felt that the new weapons and larger scope of the sequel were only distracting “from the perfection of the central fencing mechanism”.

And Nidhogg1 is perfect. It’s a sword duel game that creates very tense standoffs and fierce competition with just a handful of movements and systems to go back and forth between you and the live competition. I’ve been playing with my friends for hours and hours, but never got tired of it.this is New update Not surprisingly, it’s a bit smaller than the one with the sequel, but we’re happy to have a new battlefield called the “field”, a new “permanent blood” mode, and those cats.

Both games are currently 60% off. in short, Nidhogg is £ 2.79 / € 4 When Nidhogg 2 costs £ 4.39 / € 6.. Buy both- Needs Heg Complete Bundle There is also a discount.

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